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Gene InfoAnnotation Info
Description:zinc finger and BTB domain containing 8 oppositeSwiss-Prot Source:Q5TGK5_HUMAN
Chromosome:1NCBI mRNA Source:NM_178547
Gene length: 28879NCBI Protein Source:NP_848642
Exons: 7Gene Symbol: ZBTB8OS
Number of Transcript Variants 0
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Mutation ListBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed SIFT Score
DBSNP:rs104821615E        VNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
Synonymous Mutation ListBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed
DBSNP:rs70487864F        FNCBIIn dbsnpNone
Intronic SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs138981632860981 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs70487632861027 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs38569832861186 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs751816632861956 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1214586132862557 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1157995532862968 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs437221732862981 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs70488232863038 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs752631632863136 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs70488132863151 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs78645632863827 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1181102732863981 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs81417832864153 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs81200032864234 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs78660132864261 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs78669432864262 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs78669532864312 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1206260732864326 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs70488032864344 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs173774232864548 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs741581332864920 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1208987632865518 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1208992032865594 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1204805832866501 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1202725232866515 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1204805932866531 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2885956932866606 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1091458932867097 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1683505632867214 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1202821532867423 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1204589532867529 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1204909632867547 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1204591532867623 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1683505732867808 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs754046632868768 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs754054932868838 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1205922032869319 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs70487932870633 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1202161132870907 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1044923332871035 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs37774232871054 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1683506332871372 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs373799632871373 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1207292732871521 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs39937832871551 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2874208732872046 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs70487732872384 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs753894232872909 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs752730332873155 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1202609232873179 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1203342932873180 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs395422832873401 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs65258932875649 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1202361332875650 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs78646432875911 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1159112832876028 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs669821332876106 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1214523232876139 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1214601732876145 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1212657732876151 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs176488132876784 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1240186532877479 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs942588732877497 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs37739732877549 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs62224432877863 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1015736232878038 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1203388032878374 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs755549332878829 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs736541132879269 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs736541932879342 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1202438532879610 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1203496332879750 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs495179032880081 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs495177732880142 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs966029632880986 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs293476832881137 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs293476732881438 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs44869132881567 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs45512232881623 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1275386432881720 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1272986232881758 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1274968632881760 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs78629832881903 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1273028632882010 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1431932882364 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1148468232882426 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs68623432882560 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs78629632882713 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs68458332882887 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs41194232883046 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs81149132883250 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs66904732884052 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs78629532884370 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs78629432884495 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1273734332884797 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs131547832885018 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs108813632885038 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs176488432885385 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs128494432885552 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs109274232885640 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs60699132886155 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs62835332886576 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs70487532887095 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs61265632887722 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs174804932887820 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs63505332887856 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs59895132888449 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
Untranslated mRNA SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs375360332860023 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
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