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Gene ID: 15E1.2
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Gene InfoAnnotation Info
Description:hypothetical protein LOC283459Swiss-Prot Source:
Chromosome:12NCBI mRNA Source:NM_176818
Gene length: 13478NCBI Protein Source:
Exons: 4Gene Symbol: 15E1.2
Number of Transcript Variants 0
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Mutation ListBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed SIFT Score
DBSNP:rs174314462S        LNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
Synonymous Mutation ListBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed
DBSNP:rs223521714G        GNCBIIn dbsnpNone
Intronic SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs1167257119369294 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2951687119371154 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2951688119371155 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1179460119371290 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4767895119371704 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4767896119371895 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1179461119371899 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1179462119372806 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7134710119372892 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2235218119373001 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1183787119373125 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1179463119373413 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1179464119373532 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1179465119373659 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7358599119374163 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs11065128119375288 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs10774549119375554 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs12310764119375606 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1794735119375698 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1732844119375899 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2235222119376575 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs11614224119376618 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2235223119376629 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs11608807119377090 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4767897119377439 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7306754119377466 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7307666119377492 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2393589119377957 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7957424119378700 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4767898119378892 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7137953119379067 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3847971119379671 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7961895119380044 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3887875119380131 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs28390349119382034 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
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